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Is there a hidden message in ‘Fall’?

Ashley Church- September 26, 2022

Horror and suspense movies generally don’t do it for me - but 'Fall' is different Read More

Is this the identity of the next tyrant?

Ashley Church- September 5, 2022

When our leaders embrace persecution of their own people, they’re simply reflecting the society from which they have been drawn. Read More

So, what’s the ‘real’ meaning of life?

Ashley Church- September 2, 2022

If King Solomon was right, our life's work is in vain and nothing we do will last the distance Read More

Let’s talk about death

Ashley Church- January 13, 2022

It's now almost two years since Covid first hit our shores. Are the measures that we've taken still fit for purpose in light of what ... Read More

Why men are shaped by their fathers

Ashley Church- February 21, 2020

One way or another, men are always the product of their fathers influence Read More