How to be an expert commentator on anything!

There’s an old adage that claims that the two things people fear most are dying and public speaking.

I can’t speak to death (which comes to us all) – but if the one about speaking in public was ever true, the proliferation of social media videos and Ted Talks and, and the line up of people who want to be on reality TV shows would suggest that it isn’t true any longer.

However, there’s big a difference between saying something and having something to say. Most of us have a collection of views – some which we might even hold strongly – but when we’re asked to define why we hold a particular belief many of us crumble because the foundation on which that view is built is often little more than second hand opinion, a social media post or (worst of all) a need to hold the same views as our peers.

So here’s the thing – if you want to stand out as an opinion shaper, the secret isn’t to parrot what you’ve heard from others – it’s to create a perspective all of your own.

Of course there’s more to it than just taking a counter view. Effective opinion leaders take the time to study their topic, to test their views against data and evidence and, where necessary, to moderate their views in the face of information which contradicts their perspective. Then, having learnt their topic inside out, really effective opinion leaders will bring their opinions to life by imbuing them with personal stories, examples and anecdotes.

And here’s the really great thing – if you can master this approach, you can become an expert in pretty much anything. You see – being an ‘expert’ doesn’t necessarily mean you have a qualification in the topic you’re speaking to or writing about – it simply means that you can consistently express a viewpoint which is backed up by the data, logical and (most importantly) can be communicated in a way which makes it easy to understand.

I learnt these simple truths many years ago and they’ve held me in good stead for decades. They’ve provided me with a high profile career as an ‘expert’ in property and the housing market, as well as a secondary area of expertise as someone who has a unique perspective on developing a personal or organisational media profile. But these are, by no means, the only areas on which I can speak with authority and my commentary services include:

  1. Keynote addresses on the property market, the media, politics, culture wars, new paradigms and reinterpreting history
  2. Seminars. While I offer two ‘off the shelf seminars (‘The Future of Property Investment’ and ‘How to Master the NZ Media’) I can develop seminars on a wide range of topics for most environments and settings

I can also work with you to develop seminar content specifically for your organisational needs and audience

The starting point is a chat for which the cost is a cup of coffee or lunch!

If you’d like to discuss your organisation contact me by clicking here


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