Kaylee Rodgers: Hallelujah

Kaylee Rodgers: Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen cover)

I was incredibly moved by this stirring rendition of the gospel classic ‘Hallelujah’ for 4 reasons:

1. First written and performed by Leonard Cohen – this song has been extensively covered by many of the worlds best known musicians and remains one of the greatest songs and melodies ever written.

2. This powerful version, performed by Kaylee Rogers and the Killiard House School Choir in Donaghadee, Northern Ireland when she was just 11, is all the more incredible given that she suffers from autism.

3. Much as I love the original – the rewritten lyrics, in this version, are a masterpiece.

4. And finally – the kids in the Choir (who look to be maybe 6 and 7) are extremely cute and their antics, fidgeting, and expressions during the song are priceless.

Take a few minutes to watch this right through. You won’t be disappointed…..


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