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    Mike Brice 2 years

    I am a kiwi living in Europe. I left before MMP was introduced. I have never been a fan of proportional representation as I believe the supposed benefits only result in a loss o true representative democracy. FPTP is by means perfect, but I believe it is least worst option. I live in France where local elections are based on lists. The voter cannot choose who is a member of a list, nor the order of the list, they can only select one list or another. Vested interests, together with questionable, if not corrupt, practices really determines the result. When I ask my friends back in NZ why MMP they have no real answer. There is only one significant state that has MMP, and that is/was West Germany. It was the occupying powers that made that decision/choice with the clear objective to prevent a single party from obtaining power. An understandable objective given the context, but for NZ a nonsense. Nobody can convince me that a system that allows one person to decide who is the prime minister of NZ, and that person having failed to be elected in his own constituency, is fit for purpose. NZ democracy is the poorer for the decisin to use MMP.

    Mike Brice

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