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Has Australia handled the Covid-19 crisis better than New Zealand?

Ashley Church- April 11, 2020

Australia has managed to get on top of Covid 19 without completely tanking the economy Read More

Did we really go ‘hard and early’ on Covid?

Ashley Church- October 4, 2020

The idea that Ardern went hard and early is the reason Labour's fortunes have improved since March - but is it true? Read More

How to fix a failing non-profit organisation

Ashley Church- August 30, 2019

The hardest part is recognising that your organisation has a problem Read More

Does the ‘normal’ flu kill more people than Covid-19?

Ashley Church- May 18, 2020

If more people die from the seasonal flu - why are we tanking the world economy to fight Covid 19? Read More

Why National will form the next New Zealand Government

Ashley Church- March 1, 2020

Labour has a very big mountain to climb to have any chance of achieving a second term Read More