Author: Ashley Church

Why the Nats should have stuck with Bridges

Ashley Church- May 21, 2020

Should the Nats have held their nerve, or changed their leadership in a desperate attempt to turn things around between now and September? Read More

Does the ‘normal’ flu kill more people than Covid-19?

Ashley Church- May 18, 2020

If more people die from the seasonal flu - why are we tanking the world economy to fight Covid 19? Read More

Has Australia handled the Covid-19 crisis better than New Zealand?

Ashley Church- April 11, 2020

Australia has managed to get on top of Covid 19 without completely tanking the economy Read More

Are the poor getting poorer?

Ashley Church- March 7, 2020

Economic conditions are much better than they were just a few decades ago Read More

Why National will form the next New Zealand Government

Ashley Church- March 1, 2020

Labour has a very big mountain to climb to have any chance of achieving a second term Read More

Why men are shaped by their fathers

Ashley Church- February 21, 2020

One way or another, men are always the product of their fathers influence Read More