Have we forgotten how bad things were?

Have we forgotten how bad things were?

If Prime Minister Christopher Luxon had any hair I'm sure that he would be pulling it out by now.

If Prime Minister Christopher Luxon had any hair I’m sure that he would be pulling it out by now. Although the results of recent political polls are mixed, there are as many showing the Nats losing support as gaining it – and judging by the whining on social media, there are obviously pockets of discontent, albeit small ones.

All of which leads me to ask:

What is it that you wanted from the new Government that you’re not getting?

Have we forgotten that just six months ago we finally threw off the shackles of six years of the worst government in our nation’s history? Are we the victims of a form of crowd amnesia that has caused us all to forget just how bad that period of time was?

All three of the parties in the new Govt came to the table with clear manifestos – and the Nats, in particular, had spent the 12 months prior to the election talking about the changes they would make in their first hundred days.

Inexplicably, they’ve kept their word:

▶️You wanted 3 Waters gone? It’s gone.

▶️You wanted an end to the moves to criminalise free speech? It’s done.

▶️You wanted an end to the ridiculous reductions in road speeds? They’re now returning to normal.

▶️You wanted an end to the nightmare of regulation and bureaucracy and a reduction in the size of the hugely bloated public service? It’s happening.

▶️You wanted an enquiry into the shambles and family devastation caused by the Ardern Govts mishandling of Covid? It’s underway.

▶️You wanted tax cuts and an end to plans for new and devious ways to steal even more money off you? Done.

▶️You wanted a return to responsible Govt spending and a focus on reducing the obscene debt built up by Labour? It’s happening.

▶️You wanted common sense brought back to Climate initiatives? Done.

▶️You wanted the country to return to building infrastructure rather than just talking about it? It’s happening.

▶️You wanted a return to having Health, Education and Welfare targets so that we could know how we were tracking? Done.

These changes – the things you wanted – are now done, or happening, and this is just the tip of a very long list.

Is it perfect? Of course not. But overall, the new Govt has taken more decisive action to fix the mess created by a previous administration than any Govt since the 1984 Lange Labour Govt. They deserve respect and gratitude – not derision.

Yes, I understand that some of the griping is influenced by the ‘gotcha’ journalism of a biased and unbalanced media that is determined to undermine the new Govt and is looking for a scandal under every rock – but are we really so stupid as to allow ourselves to be influenced by that? We KNOW that most of the media is dishonest and untrustworthy, so let’s not buy into their narrative.

No Govt can fix your spiritual need for self fulfilment or self-worth – only God can do that – but this new Govt is doing a pretty good job of repairing all of the other things that we desperately wanted addressed.

Let’s give them a fair go and stop listening to the naysayers.


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    Owen Dyer 1 month

    Well yes quite impressive but they are slow walking the maori issues like the coastal claims and the fast track experts will have to speak maori and be on the local bodies….neither of which fill me with joy

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