A light in the woke darkness

One organisation towers over all others in protecting kiwi values:

Have you been feeling a growing discomfort at some of the changes taking place in our society over the past decade including:

– Increasingly extreme positions being taken on things like gender ideology and race issues?

– Attempts to suppress free speech and the ‘cancellation’ of views that don’t adhere to a particular narrative?

– Moves away from pragmatic policy on Climate Change toward more extreme action and the adoption of policies which border on religion rather than science?

Perhaps you’ve also been concerned as you’ve watched the role of the traditional family coming under threat as the State seeks to insert itself, more and more, into the care and indoctrination of our children?

Maybe you’ve wondered how such ideas, have gained traction so comprehensively and so fast?

You’re not alone. Survey after survey tells us that these concerns cross the political divide and that these changes are out of step with the views of most kiwis on both the traditional right and the traditional left – meaning you’re in the majority.

So where is this stuff coming from and how have the views of extremists become so influential?

Some of it comes from international mandates that NZ has signed up to, some is the result of decades of political activism, some comes from ‘true believer’ politicians, and a lot of it comes from the impressionable and opinionated children who now control our media newsrooms.

Certainly there has been opposition to this agenda. Conservative groups have sprung up to address specific concerns (some with which I have been involved) – and the election of the new Government has provided hope that some of the excesses will be rolled back in line with what most of us want.

But there is one organisation which towers over all of these in respect of the role that it has played as the gatekeeper of, and advocate for, kiwi values:

Family First.

Led by the irrepressible Bob McCoskrie, no other organisation has had the impact of Family First and, frankly, no other organisation has understood the potential danger posed to our society by the ideas being promoted.

Bob is a friend of mine, but he doesn’t know that I’m writing this. Nor does he know how much I admire the extraordinary work that he and his team have done and how much of a debt of gratitude this nation owes to him for representing our views in an environment that is determined to suppress them.

Watch the video below or check out www.familyfirst.org.nz. You won’t agree with all of their positions – but you’ll get a sense of just how effective this organisation is and how important it is that its work continues.

Voting for change, last October, was a great step in the right direction – but it wasn’t enough. Politicians can be influenced by lobby groups and media pressure – so it’s important that Family First remains as a strong counterweight to the agenda of those who are trying to corrupt our children and destroy our society.

I urge you to support them and their work.


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