Why Iran just did Israel a huge favour

Why Iran just did Israel a huge favour

Strange as it may seem - Iran just did Israel a huge favour.

There’s no doubt that Irans recent decision to fire over 300 drone missiles on Israel was intended to make a statement – and it did – but not the statement that they would have hoped it would make.

Here’s why:

▶️99% of the missiles were intercepted short of their intended targets and no deaths were recorded. This is a massive blow to Iran and says more about the incredible ability of Israels ‘Iron Dome’ defense system than it does about Irans military capability. If the attack had been a military training exercise, by Israel, it would be regarded as a complete success.

▶️The attack fortified the resolve of Jordan and Saudi Arabia – both of which assisted Israel in air defense against the Iranian missiles. This is hugely symbolically important because it demonstrates that, whatever issues these nations may have with Israel over the Gaza conflict – they will not allow them to spill over into a regional conflict which sparks a wider Middle Eastern war. While Israels neighbours may rattle the cages over Gaza because it is politically and religiously expedient to do so – they all realise that the real enemy to peace in the region is Iran – and the recent attack just confirmed that they know which side they’re on when it matters most.

▶️Similarly, the US, the UK (and possibly France) stepped up and chose a side – indicating their understanding and recognition of the same things which motivated Jordan and Saudi Arabia and sending a clear message to Iran and the world.

▶️Iran has now confirmed that it regards the matter as ‘closed’ and won’t attack again unless Israel retaliates – which is essentially a total capitulation. It reminds me of Saddam Hussein broadcasting the message “you have won brave Iraqis”, even as his troops were fleeing from Kuwait in the face of defeat during the Gulf War – and the real reason that Iran has indicated that it won’t take further action is because of the things I’ve outlined above: its attack failed, and it simply ended up mobilising nations that had previously been ambivalent in their support of Israel.

▶️Add to that the likelihood that Iran recognises that it can’t beat Israel in any sort of sustained conflict, and you have all of the ingredients of an embarrassing defeat.

For now.

Those who take prophecy seriously know that these are all the birth pangs of a much broader conflict and that a day will come when the number and strength of the nations lined up against Israel will be so great that only the direct and unmistakable intervention of HaShem, Himself, will save it. That attack will involve Iran, Turkey, possibly Russia and a coalition of other nations – but the chess pieces aren’t yet fully in place and it’s a concern for another day.

For now, Israel and the Jews will continue to defy the odds and draw strength from the antisemites and haters in the west – and the rest of us will be defined by whether we stand with them, or against them.

Zechariah 12:3


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