Israels Secret

I don’t usually buy into the glorification of military power typical of nations like the US – but this video really struck a chord with me.

Why? Because Israel is a modern day miracle. Born out of the horrific tragedy of the Holocaust, this tiny nation has overcome overwhelming odds to emerge as one of the worlds most innovative and formidable powers.

And all of this has happened despite unbelievable media bias, a constant avalanche of propaganda and lies, and the extraordinary racism of groups such as BDS which are little more than shallow vessels for the ancient stain of antisemitism – making them the 21st century equivalents of the Ku Klux Klan.

If you don’t know the history of Israel and the Jewish people – make a point of finding out. Not the populist misinformation lapped up by the gullible – but the real story of an incredible people and a nation that matters to us all.

Oh, and watch the video. Your response to it will tell you a lot about yourself…..

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