An Open Letter to critics of Israel and the Jews

An Open Letter to critics of Israel and the Jews

It's time that we had an honest conversation.

If you recognize yourself in the heading of this letter, it’s time that we had an honest conversation.

You know who you are: students, academics, lawyers, politicians, journalists, ‘celebrities’ and others who have become increasingly vocal in your strident opposition to Israel since the events of October 7. You differ in your backgrounds but you’re united in the anger that you feel – an anger that just seems to build with each passing day.

So, let’s start by being honest about the root of that anger.

▶️It isn’t really because you believe that Israel is guilty of ‘genocide’. The International Court of Justice rejected that claim – but you’re still angry.

▶️Nor is it because you really believe that the death toll in Gaza is too high. You and I both know that the casualty numbers from the Hamas-controlled Gaza Health Ministry are heavily inflated and that the real fatality rate in Gaza is tiny by comparison to other recent conflicts in the region – but you don’t care. You’re still angry.

▶️It isn’t because you honestly think that the attack of 7 October was ‘resistance’. You’ve seen some of the footage of rape, infanticide and murder by Hamas and (although you hate to admit it) it offends your conscience and shakes your resolve – but it doesn’t diminish your anger at Israel and the Jews.

▶️It isn’t even because you really believe that Hamas are the ‘good guys’ in this conflict. You know that they’re not – but you’re still angry at Israel and the Jews.

▶️And while we’re being honest, let’s acknowledge that your anger toward Israel and the Jews isn’t really about the Palestinians, or territory, or human rights. In fact, it isn’t really even about Israel.

Your anger is about the Jews.

And it isn’t anger. It’s hate.

And therein lies the reality of what’s playing out around the world. You – and millions of others – hate Jews, and the events of October 7 were little more than an excuse to publicly display that hatred. Some are doing so for the first time; others are simply dusting off an old demon.

And that’s the thing – none of this is new. Jew hatred (let’s dispense with polite terms like ‘antisemitism’) has been with us for at least two thousand years and – like the self-bargaining of a drug addict – it continues to find new ways to justify itself to those who are infected by it.

The question is, are you still self-aware enough to recognise that you’re under the influence of something evil? Are you capable of understanding that Jew-hatred is (let’s be blunt) demonic and exists in a realm beyond rationality and reason?

If you are, message me, and I’ll help you.

If you’re not – may God have mercy on you, because there will be consequences for your actions, either in this life, or the next one.

Genesis 12:3

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