Israel really sucks at genocide

Israel really sucks at genocide

A tongue-in-cheek look at the 'genocide' claims

Let’s be honest – Israel really sucks at this whole ‘genocide’ thing.

I mean, c’mon IDF – if you’re going to wipe out an entire people there are a few basic rules and you’re not following them – so here’s a few suggestions:

▶️Just carpet bomb the whole Gaza strip in one go. Ok, the horse has bolted on this one – but we all know that you could have just levelled Gaza from the air in the first couple of days. Instead, you chose to undertake a long campaign which has come at a high cost in money and Israeli lives in order to protect Gazan civilians. How on earth is that supposed to advance the goal of genocide??

▶️Stop warning people before you attack an area. Flyers, phone calls, radio broadcasts and text messages in advance of your attacks? Seriously!!? How do you expect to wipe a population out if they know you’re coming??

▶️Stop helping them get to safety! It’s bad enough that you warn them – but then opening up safety corridors and even calling off attacks if civilians are in danger?? Who does that and how does it advance the goal of genocide??

▶️Stop providing humanitarian aid! You’re getting no international credit for it and it just keeps people alive. You’re supposed to be wiping them out – not attending to their needs!!

▶️Oh and here’s an idea – how about you start actually REDUCING the Palestinian population in Gaza?? The whole point of genocide is to wipe a group out – but under your watch, the population of Gaza has actually increased by 500% over the past few decades!! Seriously – heads need to roll over this.

But it gets worse. As if your complete failure to achieve genocide wasn’t bad enough – we’ve now been rocked by the latest news in which the estimate of deaths has been slashed by 50% bringing the revised death toll DOWN to a figure which suggests that the vast majority of those killed have been Hamas terrorists. And given that these figures are still skewed by the Hamas-controlled Gaza Health Ministry – there’s every likelihood that they’ll be revised down, again, before this is all over.

On what planet is this supposed to pass for genocide??

So let’s be honest, IDF. I think it’s obvious to anyone watching all this that this whole ‘genocide’ thing isn’t really your bag. You just don’t have the ‘mongrel’ to get in there and ruthlessly wipe people out.

Perhaps it’s the fault of those pesky commandments that Moses inscribed in stone 3,000 years ago? They’ve given you a moral code that just doesn’t seem to gel with soulless warfare.

Might I suggest that some of your soldiers spend a bit of time with Hamas? They seem to have the whole ‘indiscriminate, bloodthirsty rape, torture and murder’ thing down pat, so perhaps they could give you some pointers?

Otherwise – maybe just keep being you and give up on any plans to achieve genocide. It just doesn’t suit your national character.

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