Are the media an arm of Hamas?

Are the media an arm of Hamas?

Most western media outlets are continuing to accept Hamas propaganda at face value.

Despite the overwhelming evidence in support of Israels claims regarding the terrorist group Hamas, most western media outlets are continuing to act as willing agents of misinformation – accepting Hamas propaganda at face value.

▶️ In November, Christiane Amanpour said on CNN that “over 4,300 children have been killed” during Israel’s operations in Gaza. These numbers were issued by the Hamas controlled Gaza Ministry of Health and failed to mention that these “children” included many teenage terrorists.
▶️ The New York Times continues to falsely assert that the Israelis “have not shown conclusive evidence of a vast network of tunnels (in Gaza)” despite compelling videos of this network now being freely available.
▶️ Most media drew a revolting moral equivalence between the hostages released by Hamas (who are mostly innocent civilians who were kidnapped on 7 October), and the prisoners who were released by Israel (most of whom are terrorists and murderers).
▶️ There have been countless examples of western journalists going out of their way to sanitise the enormous crimes of Hamas. For example, although we now know that some of the Jewish hostages were beaten with electric cables, that the elderly hostages were suffering from malnutrition and the child hostages were treated with unspeakable cruelty and sadism – Sky’s international editor, Dominic Waghorn, still had the bald-faced temerity to report that the hostages had been “held in reasonable condition reportedly, though those held above ground lived with the fear of being killed in Israel’s bombardment”. Sick, depraved stuff.

However, as the outstanding Brit Journalist Melanie Phillips outlines in a recent article, the worst serial offender is the BBC which dwarfs other outlets in its global reach.
▶️ The BBC has sanitized its coverage of Hamas, and incited hatred of Israel by blatantly lying about the nature of the conflict.
▶️ BBC journalists have openly supported Hamas in their commentary, sharing conspiracy theory videos and encouraging followers to attend pro-Hamas marches.
▶️ The Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting has flagged multiple posts by BBC journalists rejoicing at the October 7 atrocities – yet the BBC has refused to take any disciplinary action.

As Phillips notes, “Most of the BBC, like the rest of the media, subscribe to progressive nostrums – according to which support for the Palestinians is the cause of causes. With universities and schools having pumped out Palestinian lies for decades, millions in the west have never heard the real facts about the Arab war against Israel”.

In this way, the BBC and other western media have become the mouthpiece of Hamas in the west – spewing out propaganda which aids in the recruitment of the more gullible members of western societies to act as ‘useful idiots’ in its service.

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