The strange face of the pro-Hamas movement

The strange face of the pro-Hamas movement

Who is really supporting the terrorists?

In the days following the terror attack of October 7, the streets and campuses of major cities around the western world were flooded with posters depicting those who were brutally abducted by Hamas as a way of expressing a desire to see babies, women and the elderly returned to their loved ones.

But within a couple of weeks of the attack something strange started to happen. Videos started to emerge showing people – often students – ripping these posters down, usually with a defiant smirk to the camera.

So how does one explain such a cold act of obvious evil?

Many of the offenders were students so perhaps we could excuse this behaviour as the stupidity of youth who were embarrassed because these posters reminded them that raping women and beheading babies didn’t fit the carefully crafted ‘freedom fighter’ narrative.

But that excuse crumbles when you consider the bedfellows who have come together in support of the pro-Hamas narrative. Joining the lynch mob of gullible students and disaffected Gen Zers is an unlikely coalition which includes most of the mainstream media and various leftwing interests, accompanied by far-right groups, white supremacists, and (literally) the ghost and shadow of the Nazi regime which murdered six million Jews less than 80 years ago.

The spectacle of such a perverse grouping gathered under the genocidal mantra of ‘from the river to the sea’ and lecturing Israel and the Jews about being ‘on the wrong side of history’ isn’t just bizarre – it’s sick and obscene.

And let’s be clear – this isn’t about advocating for the Palestinians. In the last few days Pakistan has issued an order to forcibly deport 1.7 million Afghani refugees without a word of protest from any of those lined up against Israel. Since 2011, almost 500k Syrians have been killed under a brutal crackdown by Bashar Al-Assad – over 15,000 since October 7 – yet not a word from those who march the streets of Western cities baying for an end to Israel. 377k have been killed in the war in Yemen and an estimated 4,500,000 have been displaced. Not a word from the Israel-haters. Similar atrocities could be cited in Iraq, Ethiopia, and China (where 1,300,000 Uighurs have been held in ‘re-education camps’ since 2011) – but you won’t see violent protests demanding action from the West in support of any of these causes.


Because the hatred directed at Israel isn’t about the Palestinians – it’s simply the same old antisemitism that the Jews have had to endure for over 2,000 years, tarted up in a new frock.

So, let’s be clear. Israel isn’t just on the ‘right’ side of history – Israel defines that history. Our attitude and approach to the future of Israel defines who we are as people and nations and our response to that issue is a lot more important than momentary issues of geopolitics.

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(credit to Eric Allie for the original version of this cartoon)


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