Is society becoming more stupid?

Is society becoming more stupid?

If you elevate stupidity - you get a stupid society

It’s very easy to fall into the trap of just assuming that kiwi kids born between 1995 and 2010 are part of the most entitled and molly-coddled generation which has ever existed. But is it true?

Well yes …. and no. I don’t think previous generations felt any less entitled – and, in my experience, these kids are just as concerned about the world as those generations were – but I think two things HAVE changed:

  1. We’re teaching these kids that anyone who challenges their worldview is ‘bullying’ them – thus rendering them incapable (in some cases) of critically considering other viewpoints
  2. Social media has elevated silly ideas to a level of importance that they don’t deserve

Whereas a view held by previous generations mostly stayed within a peer group and only rarely achieved broader coverage – these kids are sharing their thoughts globally and stupid and inane ideas can quickly go viral and be seen by millions – making it very easy to confuse momentary popularity with intellectual value. This is further compounded by a media which breathlessly repeats tweets and Instagram posts and gives them the same weight as well considered policy and thoughtful addresses.

If you elevate stupidity – you get a stupid society – but that’s true of all of us, not just Generation Z…


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