Is it time to unleash your real power?

Is it time to unleash your real power?

Why do we allow ourselves to be controlled by a small number of extremists?

There’s an old story which explains why a large elephant at a circus will allow itself to be tethered to a small stake even though it could easily pull out the stake with a small movement of its powerful leg.

The reason, or so the story goes, is that the elephant was tethered since it was very small and now doesn’t know the power of its own strength.

Whether the story is true or not, it provides a very accurate analogy to explain why conservatives in the west have allowed their societies and institutions to be overrun by a relatively small number of ideological extremists over the past five or six decades.

Think, for a moment, about the power that conservatives have:

▶️We hold most of the wealth in society (not because we’re ‘privileged’ but because we understand the value of hard work and taking personal responsibility for our fate).

▶️We make up the majority in virtually all of our societies.

▶️As that majority, poll after poll shows that, although we support the right of individuals to live as they choose, we are against (often strongly against) moves to promote bizarre theories of gender, the indoctrination of our kids, moves to divide us based on race, the ascendency of theory over fact, the control of free speech, and a dozen other things that curtail our freedoms in the interests of pandering to small groups of extremists.

▶️While we have differing views on the details, we support Israels right to exist and defend itself.

▶️We are highly likely to describe ourselves by a Christian denominational label (Presbyterian, Baptist, Anglican, etc) – even though that label probably reflects the faith of our parents or grandparents, rather than our own.

Yet, despite all of this, the extreme agenda of the left has now taken control over almost every aspect of our societies. Starting in the 70s, political correctness (which has now morphed into wokism) has become so embedded in our culture that, like the elephant tied to the stake, we have lost sight of the enormity of our power.

In the pursuit of the conservative goal of ‘not wanting to offend’ we have allowed these agendas to offend US and have stood by as they have infected our education, our workplaces, our political institutions, our corporates, and even our leisure activities.

And here’s the thing: if you’re a conservative, YOU ARE IN THE MAJORITY and although you have been conditioned not to express your views, I can promise you that, on almost every one of these topics, your view is the view of most other people.

So what can you do?

▶️Stop pandering to nonsense.

▶️Find your voice.

▶️Support groups which are fighting this stuff.

▶️And most importantly, pray. If you’re Christian or Jewish, you have access to the most powerful force in the Universe. Use it and start to push back the tide.

Society is now at a precipice and the risk is existential. If you don’t act soon to pull the elephant’s leg from the stake, the extremist agenda will overwhelm us beyond the point of no return.

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