The rising tide of anger

The rising tide of anger

We're surrounded by causes and conflicts that we feel the need to fight for.

Everywhere I look right now I see anger.

I see it in the eyes and actions of student protestors and activists who have been whipped up into a frenzy of outrage in the name of an issue about which they have only a simplistic understanding.

I see it in the social media posts of those who believe that we are being lied to and manipulated and who see the subversive hand of ‘them’ in every new Government initiative.

I see it in the frustrated writings of activist journalists who have rejected the notion that their role is to ‘inform’ and who believe, instead, that it is to ‘educate’ – and who, therefore, can’t understand why so many refuse to trust what they say and write.

I see it in the demands of those who insist that any rejection of their personal lifestyle choices cannot be tolerated, and that society must curtail freedom of expression in the interests of protecting only those views which adhere to their particular narrative.

Anger is everywhere – and sadly, some of it is even coming from Christians who, frankly, should know better. I should know: I’m one of those who repeatedly allows himself to be drawn into causes and conflicts – only to be pulled back into line by a God who has to constantly remind me that anger is contrary to the spirit that we’re called to live by.

First and foremost, we’re called on to forgive – and there’s a very good reason for this which I was reminded of, recently, when I read a post from someone who had only recently found Christ. Not so long ago this person had been someone who would have viciously attacked Christians for their views on a range of issues – yet here she was, boldly sharing her new faith and providing light to others.

And here’s the thing – when we see video of those campus protestors and shake our heads at the activism of the woke – remember that, amongst those people, there are many who will find faith and renounce all of that, and that some of those people will become powerful advocates for God.

So, while it’s important that we stand up for Israel, for the Jewish people, and for the values that God has impressed upon our hearts – our first response should be to forgive these people and pray for them – regardless of how much vitriol they might fire in our direction.

Respond in humility and don’t take the bait to rise to anger.

Remember that you, too, were once lost and that God reached out to you. It’s your job to help them to find the same opportunity – not to turn them away.

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